Your Assured Insurance Partner
General Insurance Agents
We are a team of highly qualified & dedicated general insurance agents with reliable & efficient services.
Health Insurance Agents
Our qualified and skilled health insurance agents excel in providing services to our clients as needed.
Insurance Advisor Recruitment-lic
We offer trusted and assured recruiting services for insurance advisor of LIC to the interested individuals.
Life Insurance Agents
Our trained insurance advisors help you in comparing all life insurance policies plans available in the market
Vehicle Insurance Agents
Brought a new vehicle & would you like to secure it then contact us & we would give you complete protection.
General Insurance
This includes all types of insurance (such as home, automobile or business related), which is not part of life insurance.
Home Insurance
Home insurance is an insurance coverage for your home, its contents and your possessions on it.
Life Insurance
In this, a person pays premium, in return for a sum of money to be paid to them after a maturity.
All types of Loans done for Individuals and Corporates
OSR Associates-since 2009 is one of the most Trusted financial Service company based out of Bangalore with a professional team of composite agent. We find the best insurance for you. As your advisor, we design a comprehensive policy, negotiate competitive terms with insurers, manage your claims. We work with all leading insurers. We are authorized to deal in insurance products of various insurance companies, giving you privilege of choosing policies and prices. We are a customer oriented firm aspiring to meet the highest standard of services.
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